confused feelings

i´m not myself
i´m acting really strange
and i don´t know why
i try to make everyone happy
around me but it´s so
difficult because in my deep
i don´t want this
i don´t want to be nice to
anyone but i´m expecting them
to be nice to me ...

that´s weird and not really
realistic v_v
i feel so damn stupid everything
is so burdening for me
i think i really need some time
for myself but i don´t want
to be alone
the fact of being alone scares
me so much but maybe it would
be better because i´m not really
human lately ...
i don´t talk really much to

i try to be happy but i think that
my inner is very destroyed and
confused ...
i don´t really know if i really have
friends because their are all
so mean to me (maybe it´s my one
why do i have to expect so much of
people? i´m an arrogant bitch
i think v_v

but i´m still living with this fact
and this is calming me sometimes~
the last thing i want to say is
the people who think i´m okay lately
well it´s not like it seems
please don´t be mad at me if i´m
acting so dumb~


15.12.07 00:25

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