back to my musical roots

yesterday i started again to listen
very much dir en grey songs ... and
i remembered so much feelings like
they slept in me. well i felt something
like deep hate against the society that
nearly made me vomit ...
why has everyone be so egoistic?
why are there so little people that are
really honest? and why is living so
damn despairing?

i really want to know and i started to
think about it but i only got more and
more angry about humans . . .
my generation should really start to
make everything better but we are so
annoying for the most people with our
way of thinking or handling situations.
we are the "lost generation" without
any hope who are damned to work till
they die ...
well that´s not fair but we still have
to nod our heads and smile friendly

but why should we still smile?

12.12.07 22:09

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olafioso / Website (13.12.07 21:16)
ich kann dir sagen warum?!Weil blad weihnachten íst und im nächsten hoffentlich alles besser wird!!also nicht schmollen

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