lost in thoughts

it´s time to calm a lil bit
my soul needs to rest and
my heart needs some sleep
so i will not go away for
some time not really like
going out with friends[...]

i´m not sick of it but
i need some time for myself
so let me all rest a lil bit
i hope that i´m going nowhere
till new year´s eve and than
i can party a lil bit~
but till then i will concentrate

on me and my school and
my thoughts i´m going
to chill, work, and give my soul
some inspiration back
because my soul is very sleepy
like my body
so maybe a rest wouldn´t be bad

to all my friends
please don´t be mad at me
i luv you all with every fibre
of my heart but please give me
some time~

[this vid is damn cute <3]

[owari of my soul and heart]

9.12.07 00:28

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olafioso / Website (9.12.07 00:35)
also das nenn ich tanzen=P!!!
finde dein blog echt voll cool...irgendwie kitschig,lustig und doch sooo toll!!!Und ja,ich tu´s,krieg aber schon ernsthafte hilfe...

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