lil cutie goes shopping <3

yesterday i was shopping with my bro
and he bought me to cute t-shirts ...
one of placebo and one of velvet
revolver well that´s so hot <3
and than we went to a restaurant to
eat something ... yay! i had a schnitzel
and it was so fuckin´tasty yum~yum~yum
than we got home and chilled a lil
bit and than we got to a billiardstudio
to play ... it was great and everything
so expensive <333
but it was a real good day XD and i´m
happy about it ...

i really luv my contact lenses <333


+linkin park[lying from you]
+linkin park[one step closer]
+billy talent[surrender]
+billy talent[sympathie]

17.6.07 21:30

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