angry like a lemoncake~

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till i´m back everything changed
to something really bad...
everybody is changing ... they
are all angry and pissed off...
and i´m the reason ... but i
didn´t do anything to them...
i don´t get it ... and i´m so
depressed and i thought that
everything is getting better
after this festival but now i´m
feeling so bad i could cry and
scream all the time ... and i
think that no one understands
why ... i want to hurt myself
by myself not by the other people
so please let me kill
my hopes
my love
my reasons to live
just let me rest in peace [. . .]

~~~[pic coming up]

little child...
crying all the time
can´t stop
please stop the pain
in my heart
i can´t take it anymore


5.6.07 23:21

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