story of a dream...

holding her favourtite book in her
left hand and in the right just
a vanilla cigarette ...
she reads and her mind, her feelings,
starts flowing like a river....
she´s so into the mood ... she starts
to cry a lil bit ... her teers
flow over her cheeks very slow ...
she can feel how they get cold
after a while...
she can´t stop reading ... she starts
to cry more and more ... her
teers dripping on the pages ...
she closed the book... and her eyes

she´s still crying . . .
but then a person stands in front of
her ... he´s kneeling down ...
looking in her eyes ...
looking a little bit careful
he approaches to her ear and ask:
"why are you crying?"
she´s sobbing "i don´t really know!"
"maybe it´s because of you..."
he took her arms to make her stand up
his face changed he starts to smile
....he strokes over her arms

he´s feeling her scars... than
he hold her arms very tight ...
she jerks a little bit of the pain
of the scars...
but she can´t take her eyes of him
he´s nearing her face and kisses
her softly on her lips
she is a little bit scared and
jerks again...
he´s closing his eyes and starts
to kiss her more intensive
he licks over her lips and slips
with his tounge in her mouth
he strokes her tongue very softly
with his own ...
she´s so dizzy ... of the passion
of the kiss ... she can´t hold
it anymore ... and she starts to
kiss him back ...
he´s pressing her against himself
holding her tight ...
they differentiate from the kiss
that have left a trail
of saliva between their lips...

he´s looking in her eyes ...
and kisses her forehead softly
...whispering in her ear...
"i love you" 


4.7.07 16:46

lil red riding hood <3

[Junk] [good part]


just a lil junky X3~~~+++++++


[i had 2 of them for a lil time ~
 i gave one of them to my cousin]

[my brother gave me 3 new games ~]

10.7.07 19:32

lil red riding hood <3 [Junk] [evil part][+pon+pon+pon+]

another egoshoot <3

18.7.07 17:40

purururu~ kumichan news ~purururu

well i have to work all the time
there is not really much free
time ...
but much time for my passions...

~i have to get this game~

~a girl playing tekken~

~listening all the time~

~this video is so great~

~wanna play this again~

~the new album is so great~

[kumichan playlist pururaru]

[an cafe] super rabbit
[kana] usagi
[kana] yume no kuni
[kana] lapin
[sid] smile
[alice nine] Seija no Parade

[update>> junk/garden]

25.7.07 21:08

the last 5 days <3

last monday i was shopping with
a friend of mine it was so funny
i saw so many thing that i like
but well no money ... i just
bought one shirt in green...yes
it´s green but i like it ...
and the boys will like it too
because you can see ... really
great ... <3

here are some pics<3<3<3

[cutie cutie <3 look look so cute <3 luv]

[my new shirt yay!!! <3 luv it]

[pulp fiction] girl you´ll be a women soon
[capsule] candy cutie

30.7.07 14:57

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