we bought beer and somethings
to eat for rip and than my
angel jessi came to me to
sleep over till we drove to
nürnberg. we did some cool
videos and nice pictures and
i bleached my hair. well, it
looks like white X3 but i like
it and than we got into a chat
and made some fun of people XD

we got up early in the morning
than we got to a supermarket to
buy the last things we needed
for the festival. afterwards we
drove to miri to fetch her and
to eat lunch. She cooked chicken
with rise, it was very tasty <3
we got into the car and drove
after a little meeting at her
exboyfriends house and my house.
But than we drove to nürnberg and
in about 2 hours we arrived there.
it was very exhausting to bring
all our bags to the campground
and to arrange all the tents and
the pavillion but than we could
chill and eat and have a good
time and the place where we camped
was very nice, too it has got a
beautiful view.

we met our "neighbours" who seemed
very strange at the first moment
but than they took care of us and
gave us some food and some fucking
great alcohol X3 well but my friend
was away and when she came back
she was so drunk that i decided to
throw her in the water, well that
was very fuckin´funny i think and
the rest of the day we chilled
together with our neighbours and
talked about other festivals and
so on.

so today the festival started
we watched
-good charlotte[they were so
lame oh my gosh]
-velvet revolver[awesome i am
now a fan of them]
-travis[well it was nice but
-korn [fucking amazing]
-die ärzte[wonderful]
-scissor sisters[glam rock
-wir sind helden[so wonderful]

between travis and korn i had
to fetch a friend of mine that
came with me too with her
"nice" boyfriend ... no comment

-the hives[well...]
-billy talent[very great]
-muse[i am speachless this
band were as far as i can
see the best band of the
festival i fell in a
drunkenness of their music]
-linkin park[three quarter
to late but amazing]
-white stripes[awesome]

-kaiser chiefs[fuckin lame]
-stone sour[gorgeous]
-smashing pumpkins[grandious]

<great i had many friends around
me and a lot of fun and i want
to thank all the people
that i met or attendet me ...
you guys fucking rock ^____^v

[a best >>>]

billy talent - surrender

linkin park - pushing me away

die ärzte - schrei nach liebe

evanesence - immortal

velvet revolver

muse - feeling good


4.6.07 23:15

angry like a lemoncake~

[update - junk - garden - links - groupie]

till i´m back everything changed
to something really bad...
everybody is changing ... they
are all angry and pissed off...
and i´m the reason ... but i
didn´t do anything to them...
i don´t get it ... and i´m so
depressed and i thought that
everything is getting better
after this festival but now i´m
feeling so bad i could cry and
scream all the time ... and i
think that no one understands
why ... i want to hurt myself
by myself not by the other people
so please let me kill
my hopes
my love
my reasons to live
just let me rest in peace [. . .]

~~~[pic coming up]

little child...
crying all the time
can´t stop
please stop the pain
in my heart
i can´t take it anymore


5.6.07 23:21

everything change ...

i feel my personality changing ...
to something very disgusting,
whitout a temper, or maybe in
some kind of way a lil bit factitious
maybe it´s a protection from
all the bad things that could happen
if i would stay the same childish,
naiv person i am/was ...well i see
that some persons i know won´t like
it ... but if they really understand
maybe the don´t care about it and
just take it the way it is ...
i really hope so because now i couldn`t
stand such a damn dumb controversy...
because that´s all bullshit ....
like i think my life now is
i hate it the way it is and i can´t
change something

i hate my life
i hate what people do with me
because they know that i like them
so fucking much ...
i hate the people i love because
they´re sucking all my energy and
emotions whitout knowing it...
i hate myself[...]
for the way i am , for the way i
like people and the way i get so
addicted of them ...
and sometimes
i sit allone on my bed...
crying my eyes of ...
and my only wish is to take some
drugs and kill my self . . .


cherry luv~luv~luv

{crap making me feel good today}
>> white stripes-seven nation army
>> velvet revolver-dirty little thing
>> cherries [yum~yum]
>> my sunshine
>> lipton icetea
>> taking a lil nap at the evening
>> flirting in work with my classmate
>> billy the talent <3
>> muselicious
<< nothing left to say

11.6.07 22:27

tired wednesday <3

i got my white contact lenses <3

and my day was totally fucked

up... [the end]

13.6.07 22:43

lil cutie goes shopping <3

yesterday i was shopping with my bro
and he bought me to cute t-shirts ...
one of placebo and one of velvet
revolver well that´s so hot <3
and than we went to a restaurant to
eat something ... yay! i had a schnitzel
and it was so fuckin´tasty yum~yum~yum
than we got home and chilled a lil
bit and than we got to a billiardstudio
to play ... it was great and everything
so expensive <333
but it was a real good day XD and i´m
happy about it ...

i really luv my contact lenses <333


+linkin park[lying from you]
+linkin park[one step closer]
+billy talent[surrender]
+billy talent[sympathie]

17.6.07 21:30

annoying work and funny impressions

well today it was very stressful in my
practical work placement at the
kindergarten, because my colleague is
ill, and so i have to do my and his work...
and this really pisses me off ...
but i don´t want to talk about this, i
just want to show you some nice impressions
of my work placement <3 and a really funny
game ...

this is such a cute game for children it´s
about stars and the moon and
some starchilds <3

and this is the funny game the title
is "hasch" means marijuana and "mich"
means me in english. . . *rofl*

other nice impressions <3

impressions in songs x3 >>

>>smashing pumpkins/disarm
>>smashing pumpkins/tonight tonight

20.6.07 21:21

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