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Thanks DollieCrave!

So like you see i made some update
but there not ready yet XD
So please be patient >_< it need
time <3 so thx for waiting !
But your waiting will be
worth it i promise XD                                    
So what happened in the last time
isn´t really worth to tell                
well the boy of my dreams does have
a girlfriend now and                
i´m so sad to death ... i feel like i could
cry all the time but              
i´m to dumb for it i think so i let it
... i only hope that he is           
lucky or something like that ...
but i will still love him with all              
my heart ... i know that i´m like
a stupid lil´ girl but i´m               
happy with it ... XP
Here is a song what makes
me happy everytime i here it            
because it´s so life-friendly X3

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ィッツ サマータイム!!
溶けてゆく あなたと同じ空
ィッツ サマータイム!!
飛んでゆく どこまでも手拍子するビート浴びて
It's just a summer time


Take me High Take me High High [まだまだ]
Take a jump Take a jump jump [このまま]
はしゃいで 振り回した(バンダナ
指先は行き先と あいたぃ☆。☆

13.5.07 15:44


I´m so stressed out ....
I feel so empty...
There is no happiness...
There is no one to catch me when i would fall...
There is no fire burning in my heart...
I only feel the tears flowing along my cheeks...
I only feel a stabbing pain in my heart...
I lost all my memories of good things...
I only remember the bad things in my life...
I want somebody to hold me...
I want somebody to establish my life...
I want LOVE . . .

28.5.07 12:20

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