cutie goes to hollywood~

but just for a lil shopping tour
and i made some piccus very
very nice <3 well i love shoppingu
but it´s so fuckin expensive ~
ku-chan has to save some money

my new shoes ^^ very cute for sure <3




2.9.07 15:13

conclusion . . .

10 things i got in my holidays . . .

10. music is very very important

09. beeing yourself can be very calming

08. making own mv´s can be very funny

07. cute stuff will survive war

06. pain can be liberating

05. MGS 4 is mind blowing

04. perfume is a lifeblood

03. false friend <-> true friends

02. not even your family can help

if your inner soul is too dead of the pain

01. guys are the better friends


30.8.07 13:05

<3 <3 <3

i think some things changed
in the last time ... i feel
better than ever before...
i had so much time to think
about me and my life and i
found some answers on really
important questions ...
for me it´s important... and
i realized that i have to do
my thing the best i can and
not to change for some
persons i´m gonna be
myself .. the little cute
adorable kumichan ~

i realized too that i´m not
a bad person i thought i
think i´m very nice not all
the time but most of it <3
X3 and i started to think
about some persons like a
good friend of mine .. her
name is steffi i think she´s
very important to me ... i
think every day of her what
she does now and how she is
...or jessi another friend
of mine i hope every day
that she has a good chillin´
day and if there are person
who are nice to my little
cutie...because i don´t
think she deserved bad
friends no-one does but
espacilly she don´t deserves
it XP ...
and i really really thought
about the guy that i´m still
in love in ... well but
that´s a lil bit to personal
(sorry guys ^^" ...
but i do my thing ...
whatever other people say..
and i won´t change for
anyone ... anyone ... !!!

<3 <3 luv ya all <3 <3

9.8.07 02:12

Disney rockz~

i have to post this .... aaww~ so cute <3

the german version <3<3<3
Oh yeah, Mann oh Mann,
Hercules geht ran
Spitze jeder Hitparade
in ganz Griechenland
Allerhand, was er alles kann
Selbst die schlimmsten Ungeheuer
knallt er an die Wand
Er war 'ne Flasche,
'ne leere Flasche
Nun steckt er alle
in die Tasche
Kinder, der Kerl
hat es echt geschnallt
In Sekunden auf hundert,
total geballt
In Sekunden auf hundert,
bis es knallt
Nur ein Lächeln, Frauen hecheln,
"Uuuh" und "Aaah"
Und es glotzt sein Kopf
von jedem Topf
Nein, Porzellan
Wer so teuer ist wie Hercules
Hat Geld soviel wie Heu
So elitär und populär
Dem Typen ist auch
nichts mehr neu
Schreit Hurrah,
Herc ist wieder da
Mister Maskulinum
war im Nu ein Superstar
Ausverkauft, jede Muskelschau
Muckis machen
müde Männer munter wie die Sau
Herc wird die Welt zu Füßen liegen
Er kam, er sah, und er wird siegen
Tapfer und tollkühn und todschick
In Sekunden auf hundert,
ein starkes Stück
In Sekunden auf hundert,
na, so ein Glück
Wer ist das Ei in einzigartig?
Dramatisch und komödiantisch?
Ist er toll? Keine Frage
Ist er süß? Wie süß Sahne
Hercules, Hercules,
Hercules, Hercules,
Hercules, Hercules
Mann oh Mann, Hercules geht ran,
scheut Intrigen
Großer Star, ist doch wirklich wahr,
er muß siegen
Er war 'ne Flasche,
'ne leere Flasche
Hercules hat 'ne neue Masche
Schoß an die Spitze jeder Schau
In Sekunden auf hundert,
Herc ist auf hundert
Immer auf hundert, ganz genau

[disney hercules <3 rulez]

[disney anastacia <3 so cute]

[disney lion king ... so sweeeet~]


7.8.07 03:20

the last 5 days <3

last monday i was shopping with
a friend of mine it was so funny
i saw so many thing that i like
but well no money ... i just
bought one shirt in green...yes
it´s green but i like it ...
and the boys will like it too
because you can see ... really
great ... <3

here are some pics<3<3<3

[cutie cutie <3 look look so cute <3 luv]

[my new shirt yay!!! <3 luv it]

[pulp fiction] girl you´ll be a women soon
[capsule] candy cutie

30.7.07 14:57

purururu~ kumichan news ~purururu

well i have to work all the time
there is not really much free
time ...
but much time for my passions...

~i have to get this game~

~a girl playing tekken~

~listening all the time~

~this video is so great~

~wanna play this again~

~the new album is so great~

[kumichan playlist pururaru]

[an cafe] super rabbit
[kana] usagi
[kana] yume no kuni
[kana] lapin
[sid] smile
[alice nine] Seija no Parade

[update>> junk/garden]

25.7.07 21:08

18.7.07 17:40

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