kumichan in [money]wonderland

i ordered many things and still have to order much

i just ordered:

- an nice vest [silly god disco style]
- a miyavi [neo visualizm] shirt
- an ayabie shirt

and i still have to order:

- a kiguromi [panda*style]
- an cinnamoroll cuddly toy
- -moon- kana /tsuki no usagi LP
- an cafe/magnya carta LP
- and many more things

i love that i can order all these
things because now i´m working
and i have money ^^ i am a nice
babysitter~ that´s so great! YOSH

4.12.07 17:33

short weekend report~

my weekend was very exhausting <3

- away with friends <3
- big talking
- cute faces by me
- talking in kana-style <3
- driving around
- burger king uglyness

- Xmas talking
- J-rockious crib
- Gazette fangirlish
- buying hot roasted almonds
- piggy luv~ X3

- visit by friends
- talk+gossip with Luna-chan~

and something very nice~

[dorni is a name many people call me >>
to be honest i hate this name so much]

maybe everything will get
normal in time
but i don´t want anymore
i think it´s strange
i will give him a time-out
of me that´s better i think

i suck i know~


2.12.07 21:09

oh dear ~

today was a fucking shitty day ~
now i know that im really dumb~
too dumb for everything and this
really sucks ...
the feeling you get when you work
very hard but you only fail is very
depressing ~_~
i think i´m gonna cry a lil bit v_v

what an earworm~

MYV[Neo Visualizm]

29.11.07 13:16

JUNK [...]

Yesterday was a nice day [...]
but i don´t wanna talk about
it so much i´m sry !
but now coming up some great
piccus of shekkushii people <3




and a nice pic of a part of my room <3

24.11.07 15:42

oh what a day [...]

after a very very long time
i was shopping and well...
i spend so much money for things
... i really DO have to <3
girlish thing glittery and shiny

< [album] dir en grey/marrow of a bone

< 3 pairs of earrings

< a nice hot reitalicious bracelet

< a hair circlet

< a parfum bruno banani

yeah and in the evening i was out
with my best friend and my old best
friend [...] i really do luv my best
friend she´s very lovly and caring
about me ...
but my old best friend well i think
there will be no more friendship
and i think i can´t handle it...
he really gave me a reason to live
and now the reason is gone ...
so why living?

i need him so bad and i like him
so damn much [...]
why dos god have to torture me all
the time?

does he really want to me to kill
myself so that his lil sheppard in
black comes back?

maybe [...] i don´t know
i think about to fulfill his wish?
i´m so depressed and so damn
alone [...]

my angels are gone and their

is me left the little crying child.

18.11.07 02:07

broken heart

my heart hurts so bad

i want to cry all the time...

i hate myself...

i don´t want to go on with

my life anymore ...

maybe this is my end?

10.11.07 23:07

YOSH!!!!! ^^

i was so shocked if i saw that

Bilder Upload


yes it´s me kumi in the topfriends list
of a boy i really adore <3<3<3 oh
i waited so long for this moment <3
but now i can´t be really happy and
i don´t know why there are too much
doubts whispering to me [...]
but i´m really happy about it becaue
he´s my bestfriend and i luv him
so much ... yes he´s my angel and
he made me to a better person ...


4.11.07 00:27

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